Quality from start to finish

Ensuring the quality of our grapes starts in the vineyards in spring and continues through the harvesting and packing process and beyond as the systems that we put in place continue to ensure quality along the supply chain after we dispatch our fruit to our receivers.

While our fruit is developing, we protect our it from dust by reducing speed limits on our farms and during harvesting we protect the fruit from temperature extremes.  Prior to harvesting we closely monitor crop development to ensure that the fruit is harvested at optimal ripeness and maturity. Ripe grapes are soft and highly sensitive to damage. The berries are covered in a natural fine, pale protective bloom and thus grapes need to be handled with the utmost care to preserve as much as possible of this bloom. To protect our fruit during the harvest and packing process, we keep the handling of our product to a minimum.

Our state-of-the-art packhouse facilities are designed for efficient yet minimal and gentle handling of our fruit during the packaging process. During the packing process, our quality assurance teams always present to ensure the quality of our product.