Creating synergy between agriculture and nature by using our natural resources in a sustainable way.

Mooigezicht Estates farms in partnership with nature and acts as a custodian to the natural heritage that surrounds the vineyards. Our farms are situated within the beautiful Western Cape Fynbos Biome of South Africa, renowned for its unique elements of biodiversity and many of the plant varieties found here are endemic to the area. The pristine Fynbos habitat still supports a wide range of indigenous animals and birds.

The major threats to biodiversity and water conservation are issues of habitat destruction, alien invasive plants and climate change. Considering South Africa’s limited water resources, water is an increasingly precious resource and both healthy crop production and the health of our environment depend on the availability of clean water.

We have established a comprehensive sustainable farming practice policy which in place to minimise the impact of the production practices on the surrounding environment. This policy is in force and all production activities are undertaken subject to this strict code. The policy also protects the biodiversity of natural habitats and the flora and fauna.

We take the following precautions to ensure protection of the environment:

  • No harsh chemicals feature in the production of our crops. Crop protection chemicals are applied reactively following the early detection of the presence of pests, not routinely, thus keeping chemical applications to a minimum.
  • We prohibit unlicensed hunting and reaping of wildflowers.
  • We create buffer zones at water sources and where the vineyards adjoin the natural vegetation to provide habitat space and corridors for flora and fauna.
  • We proactively raise environmental awareness amongst workers and their families living on-site.
  • We educate children about the importance of their role in relation to nature.
  • The Estate is a member of the Fire Protection Association, which regulates wild fires in the area. We also have our own firefighting team and equipment which is ready at all times.
  • Prior to new developments we undertake detailed environmental impact assessments.
  • We implement proactive water source protection and water pollution preventative measures and continuously monitor water quality.
  • We have implemented drip irrigation to ensure effective water uptake and to significantly reduce water use by 30% during irrigation.
  • Solar powered water geysers have been installed at our staff homes.