As our region is in the grip of a multi-year drought and our water supplies will be reduced for our forthcoming production season, Mooigezicht Estates is currently implementing a thorough and proactive water saving strategy in order to manage this considerable challenge through the months ahead.

Over the past few years the Estate has been implementing best irrigation and water conservation practices. This has placed us in the good position to deal with the current challenge as the Estate’s infrastructure and practices to best deal with this challenge have largely been in place for some time. In addition to this, after the 2017 harvest our management team has done additional contingency planning for crop preparation under drought conditions and we are now implementing these new measures.

Tyron Jardim of Mooigezicht Estates has been appointed to manage the irrigation, surface and underground water resources and water budget and this is monitored on an ongoing daily basis. The Estate also receives a fortnightly visit from our Soil Science and Horticulture consultant, Angelique Zeelie, who assists us with the water management strategy on an ongoing basis.