Mooigezicht Estates is currently putting the finishing touches to a new cooling facility on the Estate in preparation for the forthcoming harvest (see photo above). This new facility has the capacity to cool and store 60 pallets of packed fruit and will be a vital resource in our new logistics, cold steri and export plan for our growing exports to markets (China, USA & Israel) that require cold steri treatment for our fruit.

We are planning to export 500 000 cartons to these markets for the coming season. By implementing this new logistical process, we will save 5 days between packing and shipping, the fruit will be handled less and will also not be subjected to a double cooling process.

The facility will be a central cooling and holding facility for production from the Estate’s 11 production pack houses. We plan to cool the fruit here and our dedicated refrigerated transport service provider will transport two to three loads daily to South African Fruit Terminals (SAFT) near the Port of Cape Town.